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  • Make our Streets Safer.

    Crime is going up throughout Minnesota, but especially in the Twin Cities. Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan is closely allied with anti-cop groups and causes. She and Tim Walz have done very little to deter criminals and hold wrongdoers accountable. A Jensen/Birk administration will SUPPORT police, appoint constitutional judges, drastically reform the Minnesota Sentencing Guidelines Commission, and utilize every tool to ensure the riots of 2020 never happen again!

  • Fund Kids, not Broken Institutions.

    Matt Birk has been a long-time supporter of educational choice and having dollars follow STUDENTS instead of broken institutions. He cares so much about providing kids a good education, he and his wife Adrianna opened Unity High School - a private, catholic school based in Burnsville. Tim Walz and Peggy Flanagan have been beholden to bureaucrats who've harmed our children. We need to fund our KIDS, not failed institutions. We must give parents and families the ability to pick the best school for their kids. Bureaucratic waste and burdensome administrative costs have put our students last. Minnesota on average spends nearly $13,000 per pupil. It's more than that in our urban core. We do not have the results to show for it. We must uplift our kids in public school and empower parents with the finances to make a CHOICE for their kids.

  • Protect the Unborn

    Matt Birk knew he was pro-life after cradling his first-born son. He has been a long-time pro-life activist - and his Catholic faith drives him to protect the unborn. You can often find Matt Birk at March for Life rallies and advocating for the unborn. As Lieutenant Governor, Matt will help drive policy decisions which reduce and eliminate the eradication of babies - which predominantly impact the black community in Minnesota.

  • Keep our Classrooms Open. Protect our Children’s future.

    Tim Walz's school lockdowns have irreparably harmed kids. Under the orders of Tim Walz our children have had nearly two years of critical in-person learning stolen from them.

    Our kids have lost nearly two years of learning, building friendships, athletic achievements, being children, and the important experiences that help them grow. All this while neighboring states and private schools found a way to bring students back to the classroom where they belong. While our kids were suffering and falling behind, Walz ignored science and catered to his donors and political allies to put our kids needs second to politics.

    This was more than an education crisis; it was a mental health crisis. Teen suicides increased, mental health issues and overdoses grew by large percentages while our public schools were shuttered. In a crisis our children need to be heard. Governor Walz did not listen. Scott Jensen and Matt Birk will.

  • The 2nd Amendment is to be Protected.

    Dr. Jensen and Matt Birk believe in the constitutional right of every law-abiding citizen to protect themselves and their family. They side with the Constitution, and our right to defend ourselves. See the full resource on Dr. Jensen's 2nd Amendment position.

  • We're Over-Taxed and the Results don't Show. That will Change.

    Minnesotans are some of the most over-taxed people in America. We are losing businesses and Minnesotans are flocking to other states due to our high tax structure.

    Tim Walz wants to play politics and threaten to take more of our hard-earned money even when the budget forecast calls for a surplus. The Federal government under President Biden is on a reckless spending binge making it more important to reel in our State’s spending.

    It starts with shrinking the government and not answering every question with another government agency or program. We know Minnesotans want to invest in themselves and their families and not in the vast bureaucracy that years of Democratic leadership have given us. More government is not the answer; it is the problem.

  • We Must Create a Better Business Climate.

    Minnesota continues to lose talent and businesses to other states with more opportunity. We have to create a tax and regulatory environment that welcomes businesses, instead of turning them away.

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